A Diet That Won’t Make You Miserable (No Exercise! And It Works!)

There is a reason why people get miserable once they try to go through a diet. The word “diet”, after all, has the word “DIE” in it. Not being able to eat your favourite food is just the worse. It makes you unhappy, especially if you also aren’t happy with your figure.

Not to mention that a lot of us keep being told that we just need to exercise a lot so we can get the body we wanted. This just honestly makes me want to NOT exercise at all. And I tried it, by the way. Since I’m a beginner, of course it made me regret every little thing I decided in my life. Exercise is HORRIBLE. It just sucks that it’s one of the best ways to have better health, since it helps your muscles get used to the movement, making old age just a little easier once it comes.

If only it was possible to get completely healthy and slim by just doing exercise ONCE and then never have to do it again.

Luckily, there is a proper diet that won’t torment you into throwing away everything you love that you put in your fridge. A diet that helps lose weight. And, get this, exercise is NOT required!

  • Eat a decent breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day, after all. Get your protein right so you don’t pass out later.
  • Eat breakfast a little later than usual – maybe around 9 or 10 o’clock instead of the usual 6 am.
  • Eat some protein every meal but not too much – it helps sustains blood sugar levels and with muscle strengthening. Don’t eat too much though.
  • Load up with fruits and vegetables – they’re the healthiest of the bunch. Plus, they’re yummy on their own.
  • Eat carbs – they have lower calories than protein does, actually. It’s a PROPER diet, not your path to misery.
  • Eat fats – the GOOD fats, alright? So your brain and organs have the fuel to keep you going.
  • Avoid refined flour and sugar – no more sweets, honey. Anything with refined flour in it is just going to fatten you up faster.
  • No more artificial sweeteners – go for honey instead if you need something sweet in your life. It’s healthier.
  • Drinks lots of tea. Just tea – your metabolism gets boosted because of it. Go for green tea and drink it 3 to 5 times a day.
  • Dark chocolate is key – FINALLY. Something amazing. This also acts as a metabolism booster and even acts as an antioxidant.
  • Eat the three standard meals a day – make it big meals – don’t skip meals. Instead, eat the standard three meals and avoid snacking in between.
  • Count you calorie intake – just to make sure you don’t go over.
  • Sleep PROPERLY (8 hours a day basically) – no more sleepless nights. Get the standard 8-hour sleep.
  • Sunshine, baby! – get your vitamin D.
  • Eat what you love – if the food you love makes you happy, then don’t let anyone stop you from eating it. Instead, make healthier versions of these food.