The Importance Of Taking Your Headphones Everywhere

I have had my fair share of headphones throughout these ten years. I go through 3 to 4 pairs a year because I always pick the cheap ones or because I’m really reckless in using them. There was even one recently that I accidentally stepped on after it was dragged behind me from my back pocket. I am literally the more careless person on earth when it came to my headphones. It’s why I choose cheaper ones in the first place.

You, however, are hopefully not as bad as I am. So you need high quality headphones whether you just want to chill at home, when you’re walking or when you’re at work.

The main reason for it, of course, is to listen to music. While I might not be that passionate about music as I was back in my later-teens days, I still pretty much listen to a good song every now and then. On repeat. Again and again. Until I get sick of the song and it loses all meaning. Not really an effective way of trying to love a song, but hey, what can you do? Doing so helps me concentrate and sometimes memorise the song in a heartbeat.

Quality Headphones

Getting quality ones will at least ensure that your pair won’t up and snap in two. Hopefully. Well, the point of getting a really good pair is the best experience you would get from using them. I suppose listening to music using really good headphones is just something else compared to what all of us lowly commoners would use.

I’ll be honest, I kind of don’t think getting the high quality ones is worth the trouble. In the end, all it’s going to do is give you a better music experience, right? If it’s expensive and is handled by a clumsy, reckless, careless dummy (me), then you can kiss the money goodbye. It’ll only be waste.

Even if I was someone who wasn’t as clumsy as I am now, my practical, money-punching self won’t allow me to buy something so expensive, especially if it only serves one purpose.

But that’s just me.

On the other hand, the people who have the money and aren’t afraid to splurge on things will probably not hesitate about it. In fact, I bet they have better music-listening moments.

Why you need to take them everywhere

It helps ground you when things get rough. For example, there are times when the outside noise and mindless blabber of people get to me. Sometimes, I can’t stand my surroundings. Sometimes, I can’t handle it and hyperventilate and feel suffocated with all the noise and people around me.

So I handle it by pulling out my headphones or earphones and plug it in my phone to listen to some distracting music. Sometimes, I don’t even pull up songs. Instead, I pull up You Tube and listen to funny commentary from my favourite You Tubers. By the end of the video, I calm down. That’s why I carry MY own headphones everywhere.