SEO Tips For Bloggers

Before you can learn how to optimise your blog you need to know how to optimise the home page. How do you do that? Below are some steps.

Keywords On Essential Parts Of Your Site

First, place your blog’s main keywords at the end of your home page. This way your entire blog will be keyword rich. In addition, keep your footer and sidebars optimising for the same keywords.

Second, optimise your header tag, meta description, and title tags. Most people do not realise that their blog may have duplicate content on their home page because they did not optimise the home page. There is a simple solution to this problem. Place your most important keywords at the beginning of each post. By doing this, your readers will see these keywords as soon as they open your post instead of searching for the post by the title.

Third, optimise your footer, sidebars, and archive sections for your main keyword. For this SEO tip, it is recommended to use the “two finger” method for testing out different types of links on your home page and on each individual post. Simply do a search for the keyword you want on Google. Open a new tab in your browser and click on the first tab. Once there, click on the “footer” link. You should see two little boxes with an X through them.

Fourth, place your most important keywords at the start of each of your blog posts. Also, place your most important keyword at the very end of your post. This will ensure that your readers are able to find your post instead of having to search for it in your archives. You can also optimise your blog for search engines by using an article submission service. There are a lot of different article submission services available to bloggers who want to maximise their SEO tips for their blogs.

Lastly, optimise your home page for your main keyword. You can do this by adding a few anchor text links within your content. This is similar to what we did with article marketing above. However, instead of placing our keywords at the start of each of our blog posts or articles, we place them at the end.

Content Matters

SEO tips are great for increasing the number of people who see your blog. However, without content, you will not have anyone show up to your blog. As what the best Wakefield SEO company says, it is crucial that you optimise your blog for the search engines so that you can get the most traffic possible. You can optimise your content by learning more about SEO, but remember to keep it simple. If you stick to doing just that, you will soon be able to implement all of these SEO tips and make your blog one of the most popular blogs around.