Items You Can Sell To A Scrap Metal Dealer

This article offers the reader useful information about the many household items that you can sell to a scrap metal dealer.

You would be surprised at the amount of stuff the average family home can accumulate and many homeowners regularly collect unwanted items to be recycled. The entire world has embraced recycling and a typical waste management company would recycle 80-90% of all waste collected, which is impressive by any standards.

Here are just a few of the things that a scrap metal dealer will pay cash for.

Old Electrical Appliances

From a radio to a broken PS4, there is copper and aluminium that can be stripped and recycled, while laptops and desktop PCs are disposed of according to WEEE directives. Smartphones and tablets are also accepted, as is any electrical device or appliance.

A/C & HVAC Systems

Old A/C compressors and copper piping are sought-after and most of it can be recycled by Sydney aluminium recyclers like Austick, who are approved recyclers with a great reputation. You can also find reputable dealers in your area through a quick online search. They will have a team of sorters who will make short work of stripping down the equipment and almost all will be recycled and reused. If you have a lot of copper wiring, you can expect a nice payout when the scrap dealer arrives. Sorted or unsorted, they will buy your copper scrap.

Old Cars & Engines

Image Source: Unsplash

An old car is stripped of all parts and those that can be reused are cleaned up, re-conditioned and sold to car owners. A car breakers yard is equipped to sort and store. Residue is recycled, while engines and gearboxes are reconditioned and sold to private car owners.

Construction Materials

Aluminium windows, timber doors, brick rubble and old electrical wiring can all be sold for cash to the Austick scrap metal pickup service, who offer top prices. Old corrugated metal roofing is another material you can sell to the scrap metal dealer, who sends it on to a large recycling plant.

Motorcycles & Scooters

If you have an old bike behind the garage, you can get a good price from your local scrap dealer, even if the bike is a non-runner and full of rust, the dealer can recycle most of the material. Old car parts that are made of metal can also be included when you gather up all the old and unwanted items around your home.

Green Waste

Some scrap metal dealers actually collect garden waste: grass-cuttings, old tree branches, hedge trimmings and topsoil, although you had best check that they accept green waste.

Aluminium Sheeting

If you have recently removed aluminium siding or a shed roof, the scrap metal dealer would be happy to take it off your hands. Aluminium pays a high per-kilogram price, as it is one of the most sought-after metals for recycling.

We don’t have the space to list all the items you can sell for recycling; the best solution is to search online for a leading scrap metal dealer and check out their comprehensive website. If you want to compare scrap metal prices, Google can help you do that.