Giethoorn, The Town With No Roads

You usually find this kind of setting in fairy tales. Where, instead of a street filled with cars along with their atrocious smoke and gas, you would see a huge river with boats as a way for people to go from point A to point B. Where it wouldn’t be easy to go to the neighbour across the street by simply crossing the road, instead you either hop on a tiny boat and row across, or find the nearest bridge.

It exists, people. This fairy tale of a village exists and it is wonderful.

Welcome to Giethoorn, Netherlands

Yes, we are aware that this kind of setting exists in Italy too. But while Venice is more of a famous town using canals, Giethoorn is more of a peaceful little village that doesn’t seem to exist in our modern reality. It almost has a world on its own with how quiet and peaceful it is. Most people can’t even get to this place unless they are willing to walk after a car ride. Any kind of transportation done within Giethoorn is done through boats, nothing more and nothing less.

Some would even call it the Dutch Venice. It is sleepier and cosier though, with vegetation and comfy-looking houses dotting the sides of the river. The only sound you would probably hear are the birds because even the boats here are the quiet type, even with the engine to make the travelling faster. And while I can argue that I would ride these boats all over town just to experience the magical peace it would bring to me, I can also argue that I would rather walk, since it has over 180 bridges that would get me anywhere. A town of no roads indeed.

During summer, it is a pretty popular destination for very obvious reasons. You could enjoy life peacefully here, although I wouldn’t suggest this place for those who can’t stand the silence. In winter, the rivers would freeze solid and become a perfect ice-skating destination for everyone. You can ice-skate from the rivers to the nearby lakes all you want.

So the next time you decide to go on a vacation, try someplace that is less stressful and away from the modern civilization. One day, when I retire in the near future, I would want to move here just to feel at peace after all the decades-worth of work and stress this world has beaten down on me. All of us could really take a break, huh?

And what better place than this near-fairy tale that is almost a dream come true? The Netherlands know what they are doing, surely. Just wait for us, Giethoorn. When the time is right, we are coming straight for you and finish our own adventurous life by stopping at your beautiful town.