Electric Sliding Gates: What You Need To Know

How Electric Sliding Gates Work

There are reasons you see sliding automated gates almost everywhere; they are growing popular and as you would expect, there are no off-the-shelf solutions with automated gating. Rather you should make an enquiry with a specialist custom gate contractor, who can spend time with you, creating the right design, plus you can choose some of the many add-ons that are available.

Comprehensive Service

In case you’re wondering how much does an electric sliding gate cost, search online for a leading custom gate supplier. They see each new project as an exciting challenge and using the existing elements, they will design a set of gates that are both functional and appealing to the eye. The first thing to consider is the materials to use; steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and seasoned timber, are common choices and let us not forget you can combine timber and metal for a unique design.

Automated Solutions

Electric gates are all the rage at the moment, and you can choose between an above and below ground motor placement and with special safety features, the gate will stop should anything break the infrared beam. Safety is always a priority when installing residential gating and most designs have two separate safety systems to ensure safe operation. You can either open the gates with your remote or fit a sensor onto your car, which will automatically open and close the gates.

Remote Control

You would typically be supplied with two remote units and with a silent running motor, operation is effortless. Of course, there is some servicing and maintenance with sliding gates, which would usually be carried out by the original supplier. No more getting wet when you arrive home during a downpour and the gates will automatically close behind you.

Sliding Options

Sliding electric gate designs can operate from left to right or the other way around, depending mainly on the site and the available space. The gate manufacturer will take everything into consideration regarding the opening design and work with you to create a concept that blends with the property. The motor can be installed above or underground and with many add-ons and features, you can tailor the unit to suit your lifestyle.

Combination of Materials

The list of materials used to fabricate gates include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel (powder coated)
  • Aluminium
  • Seasoned Hardwood
  • Wrought Iron

Combining wood and metal offers the chance to create a unique design and when you are on the gate supplier’s website, you can view many fine examples of previous projects. If you would like to change opening styles, from side opening to sliding, this would require some groundwork but that is normal for a professional service.

Care & Maintenance

It would be normal for the customer to commission the supplier to take on the gate maintenance and that would involve regular inspection and lubrication. If the gates are installed professionally and maintained, there is little that can go wrong.

If you would like to learn more about electric sliding gates, search with Google to find a local company that designs, fabricates, and installs custom automated gates.