Different Ways To Enhance The Sparkle Of Your Engagement Ring

How To Enhance The Sparkle Of Your Engagement Ring

When you have a bespoke engagement ring created, you will want to ensure that your engagement ring has a dazzling effect, and there are a few ways to do this. A high-quality jeweller who makes their jewellery by hand can give you plenty of advice to help achieve the look you desire. Below are some tips for you to enhance the sparkle of your engagement ring that can help you choose a design that will shimmer and shine on your finger when you wear it.

Use The Halo Effect

You can ensure the ring on your finger will get noticed by creating a diamond engagement ring with a halo of diamonds around the centre stone. Halo engagement rings are highly popular, and the surrounding diamonds help increase the light and sparkle when you wear them. You will want to use white diamonds for the best effect, but you can also use other colours such as pink diamonds.

Choose An Elongated Centre Gemstone

You can also make your engagement ring pop on your finger by choosing an elongated shaped centre stone. One of the best types of gemstone cut for this style is the emerald cut, and it can create the illusion of the diamond being bigger than it is. Fancy gem cuts like this are becoming more popular every year, and custom diamond jewellery Brisbane jewellers have been creating this style for a long time.

Choose Three Central Gemstones

If you want your engagement ring to be lavish and extravagant, why opt for one centre stone when you can have three? Choosing three central gems is an excellent way to make your finger sparkle and create a dazzling effect for the beholder. The central diamonds help amplify each other and are sure to get people’s attention when they see you wearing your engagement ring. Choosing three smaller gems rather than a single large one can also save you some money when commissioning your bespoke engagement ring, so it is something worth considering.  

A Split-Shank Setting

You can also choose a split-shank setting for a central diamond which can help make it stand out and sparkle as you wear your engagement ring. You may need to select a larger gem for the centre to achieve the desired effect, but the attention it will draw will make your investment worth it. The split-shank can help enhance the beauty and dazzling effect of the centre diamond, and it is also suitable for having a diamond band going around the ring.

A Cluster Of Diamonds

If money is no object when it comes to designing your engagement ring, you may wish to consider a cluster of diamonds, which has a similar effect as a halo. When you have multiple gemstones next to each other, they help make the surrounding stones sparkle, creating a much more dazzling effect than the standard halo designs.

There are lots of ways you can make your engagement ring sparkle when you wear it, and speaking to a skilled jewellery designer is the best place to start. There are also lots of websites you can get your inspiration from. You should definitely try searching for some through Google.