Comparing Courier Services & Postal Services

Comparing Courier Services & Postal Services

If you run an e-commerce business, logistics are obviously a critical component of your business processes; fulfilling orders is one of the most important aspects of customer service. There are several ways that you can pick, pack and deliver your products, which will be outlined in this article by directly comparing courier services with state postal services.

The Postal Service

This is run by the State Government and while the postal service is relatively reliable, they are normally slower than a private courier. Many businesses use their postal service for non-urgent packages and documents and the state service will usually send a vehicle to collect your packages, providing there is adequate volume. Prices would compare with the private sector and may be cheaper for non-urgent, long-distance freight.

The Private Courier

If you are looking for a reliable taxi truck courier, you will want to check out the leading third party logistics Brisbane or your location has through Google search. You are bound to find a service that has all the solutions and can tailor its offerings to suit the client. Taxi trucks are a great way to deliver products and all courier companies have an express same-day delivery service for in-state addresses.

Interstate Shipping

This is where the courier company has the upper hand, as they have the superior infrastructure and that enables them to process deliveries to other states far quicker. Whether documents, small packages or large consignments, the private courier service is geared up for business and offers a first-rate service across the board. If you are in need of an established transport company, Google is your best friend and once you hook up with a logistics partner, they can take the strain.

Lack of Tracking

One downside to the postal service is the tracking, or rather the lack of it! The courier service, on the other hand, has a great tracking website and you simply paste your code into the search window and a mouse click will tell you exactly where your consignment is at any given time. This is essential in business and is an important feature even when it comes to the same day courier Brisbane service. Courier services in other parts of the world have also included this as an essential part of their service, eradicating the need for customers to constantly call you to know when they will receive their goods. With this service, you can provide them with the information within a few minutes, without them having to call you. Try doing that with the postal service and you’ll see the difference.

International Shipping

Of course, the national postal service will send goods anywhere in the world, as they have agreements with all other countries, while prices might be regarded as good value, this would only count with non-urgent deliveries. The private courier service is designed for the speedy delivery and they can send cargo to foreign destinations in a timely manner; if you need to send consignments abroad, Google ‘international courier near me’ and it would lead you to a service that can handle any request for an affordable price.

To conclude, the private logistics company ticks all the boxes from the business owners’ point of view and they offer a better value service than their state cousin, the postal service.