Choosing A Luxury Property: The Pros & Cons

Choosing A Luxury Property: The Pros & Cons

If you are on the hunt for a luxury villa or apartment in the sun, you’ll probably be thinking of the Algarve or Spain, two of the most popular destinations for British people. More and more UK professionals are looking further afield when it comes to real estate, probably due to the sky-high land prices in their own country. If you are contemplating investing in a luxury apartment or villa, here are a few aspects to consider.

Define The Word ‘Luxury’

In real estate terms, luxury means prime location and a no-expense-spared build using the best materials, with top brand fixtures and fittings and 5-star furnishings across the board.

Luxury Apartment

The Pros: You won’t find a better and more affordable way to live like a millionaire on the Costa Del Sol than an apartment in a luxury complex. Check out the luxury real estate agency Estepona uses to help people find their dream properties in premier locations, and with the best deals. The maintenance on an apartment is minimal when compared to a detached property. You also get to use all the amenities, which would be considerable in a luxury apartment complex. Fully furnished luxury rentals are ideal for holidays; ready to occupy and very tastefully furnished with all the mod cons.

Location Is Everything

Of course, the location of your property will determine its value and southern Europe and the Algarve are firm favourites for UK professionals. If you are planning to rent on the Costa Del Sol for a few weeks, you can go ahead and search online for English-speaking real estate agents in the area, and that should take you to the leading estate agent for luxury apartments and villas.

The Cons: Obviously, an apartment isn’t going to have the floorspace of a villa, plus you are sharing a development with many other owners, so you do kind of lose out on the privacy side of things. Cost is another downside to luxury real estate, especially if you want a prime location, but for many in their middle age years, they have the ability to spend their retirement in paradise.

English-Speaking Real Estate Agents

Whether looking to buy or rent, the best luxury properties in the Marbella region are listed with top English-speaking estate agents. They can arrange private viewings and also deal with the legalities and can even connect you with a lender; a good real estate agent offers a one-stop service for those looking to acquire or rent luxury property. These agents would be happy to bring you to the best Estepona new build properties at Cascades and nearby areas. Any property that isn’t listed on their website, is not worth viewing, so you have the entire market on a single platform.

Investing In Your Holiday

Owning a second home in the sun gives you ownership of your holidays and rather than splurging money on expensive rentals, your investment will generate wealth and when the property is vacant, you can rent through a local estate agent. Many couples enjoy a second home in southern Spain, with Marbella being the most popular. When compared to UK prices, a second home by the sea is an attractive proposition.

Luxury real estate is one of the safest investments and the benefits to owning a villa or apartment in the sun are indeed many.