A List of Do’s And Don’ts When Practicing Yoga

This article offers the reader a few basic do’s and don’ts to remember when practicing the eastern art of yoga.

If you are thinking about taking up yoga, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as many people are now discovering the numerous benefits that yoga offers. If you are a little worried about anything to do with yoga, here are some important do’s and don’ts to follow.

  • Do Warm Up Prior To Practicing Yoga – Much like with any physical activity, you should always stretch and warm up before you start your yoga poses. If you are enrolling in a yoga class, this would be one of the first things your instructor tells you and warming up reduces the chances of a muscle injury.
  • Don’t Practice Yoga After A Meal – You should fast for at least 2 hours prior to practicing yoga, as it is no fun to contort your body on a full stomach. If you make a habit of restricting yourself prior to your yoga session, it will soon become second nature.
  • Do Wear The Right Clothing – You can buy yoga leggings online in Canada from a small established company that only sells the best yoga wear, which should be made from a mixture of spandex and pure cotton, as the fabric stretches well and allows your skin to breathe.
  • Don’t Practice Yoga In Strong Sunlight – If you were thinking you might top up your tan while practicing yoga, this is not a good idea and it could leave you dehydrated. Indeed, yoga should be practiced in a still and warm environment, as it is important to feel comfortable, so avoid cold rooms.
  • Do Purchase A Yoga Mat – The yoga mat is soft and it also keeps you off the floor and the supplier of yoga wear would also stock a wide range of yoga mats. Aside from the right clothing, a yoga mat is the only other equipment that you will need and they range in price, so do compare products and prices.
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  • Don’t Drink Water For 30 Minutes After Your Yoga Session – While you do want to replenish the fluids you lost while practicing yoga, it is best to wait 30 minutes before drinking water.
  • Do Regulate Your Yoga Sessions – Ideally, 30 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening is perfect for practicing yoga and try to stick to a timetable, as your body will soon become accustomed to the daily sessions. If it works for you, practice in the morning before your first cup of tea or coffee, which is a great way to prepare for the coming day.
  • Don’t Do Strenuous Exercise After Yoga – A yoga session is a good work out. You should not engage in any form of strenuous exercise after a session. The body requires some downtime after a session of yoga poses and if you do want to work out, this should be done at a time that does not interfere with your yoga schedule. For more list of things not to do, you can easily find related articles online.

Once you have ordered your yoga mat, tops and leggings, you can read about yoga online and when the delivery arrives, you are ready to enjoy the many benefits that this ancient eastern art offers the practitioner.