A Guide To Choosing The Right Fire Damage Restoration Company

Choosing The Right Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire is a terrible thing and whether a raging inferno or faulty wiring, the damage can be extensive; thick black smoke will destroy furniture and other office supplies, often melting composite materials. If you are in need of fire restoration work for your business or commercial property, here are a few tips on sourcing the best provider.

Established Business

A company that has been providing fire restoration services for a few years would have all the resources needed to carry out the work, plus they know how to deal with insurance companies and are familiar with all forms of fire damage. The Internet hosts a wealth of information and sourcing fire restoration is something for Google to assist you with.

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Approved Contractor

When browsing the contractor’s website, look for evidence to show they are federation approved to provide such services, as this is a sign of best practices and reliability. An association would have stringent requirements for membership and they carry out a thorough audit of the applicant, ensuring everything is as it should be. Think of an approved contractor as a guarantee of quality, as it demonstrates a high level of professionalism and uses best practices.

Emergency Service

An established fire restoration contractor would offer a 24/7 service and even if you have no current need for this service, store the number in your mobile device, just in case. The contractor would have a fleet of mobile units that are fully equipped to start work and damage limitation is a priority.


The fire restoration company should have transparent pricing and when quoting, there would be detailed lists and job descriptions, making it easy to see where your money is going. Ideally, the contractor would be customer focused and with years of hands-on experience in dealing with the aftermath of fires, including handling tasks such as water leak repair Hampshire trusts, there’s nothing they haven’t seen. If you live in elsewhere or in another country, a Google search will help you locate a specialist near you.

Work To Deadlines

Once the property has been fully assessed and a quotation issued, the contractor would follow the agreed timeline, ensuring the property is ready for inspection. In the event that you and your employees have to move and work elsewhere while the restoration is carried out, you need to know the period of time this will take.

Online Solutions

It takes a few minutes to source a fire restoration provider with a Google search and regardless of day or night, they will have a team onsite in a matter of minutes, ready to contain and assess the situation.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that suitable fire prevention measures are in place: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and blankets. The devices need to be periodically inspected by an authorised technician, while smoke detector batteries need to be replaced and these devices could save your life.

The fire restoration team have a close working relationship with all the major insurers and can therefore assist with your claim by providing everything that is requested.