A Collection of Pest Horror Stories: The Top 5 Worst Pest Infestations

The 5 Absolute Worst Pest Infestations

We all know how easy it is to become a sudden host to household pests and as you would expect, there have been some real nightmares. It does, however, make for good reading. With that in mind, here is our top 5 pick of the worst pest infestations of all time.

The Mouse House

This happened in Pennsylvania in 2009, when an elderly couple never bothered to call in their local pest control company. When it reached the point where they had to share their bed with the rodents, they finally had enough and called in the pest control office. Apparently, the mouse count was over 3,000, many of which lived in the hollow walls that they had crafted. If you see signs of mice on your home, a leading provider near you would have all the solutions and are very affordable. Other than mice, reliable pest control providers would also offer a chemical termite barrier Sunshine Coast properties have, and many other pests control tools.

The Roach Hotel

This was the nickname for a house in Tennessee where it took a team of pest control guys all day to deal with the zillions of cockroaches. At one point, there were thousands of these hardy creatures falling from the ceiling. The team has to call in a super suction pump to deal with what must be the worst roach invasion of all time. The occupants tried for years to sell the property and finally found a buyer from another city, who had no idea of the history.

Fire Ant Invasion

A blind woman in Florida suddenly noticed that she was getting bitten at night, then the poor woman discovered fire ants had actually made their nest in her bed! It turned out she had been visiting her doctor, who prescribed skin cream for what he thought was a rash. The exterminators took a few hours to finally eliminate the nest and had it gone on any longer, her life might have been in danger.

Trailer Wasp Nest

This is the worst wasp story that we could find. A trailer’s siding had been selected by a huge swarm of wasps and they stayed all season. Apparently, one pest control officer took a look and declined the job, citing lack of the right equipment. The occupants had no choice but to tackle the wasps themselves. They emptied 3 cannisters of spray into the heart of the nest, which actually did the trick. The clean-up took a long time as you can imagine, and a few people were stung in the process.

Bat Colony in Ontario

Canada has some amazing wildlife, as one unfortunate homeowner found out to his dismay. Their attic was taken over by a huge colony of bats, with dropping 2ft deep by the time the pest control team arrived. There was a happy ending, as the insurance company finally agreed to pay for the house to be demolished and rebuilt.

If you have just moved house and are not sure if you have unwanted guests, search online for a local pest control firm. Ask them to send a team to inspect the property, looking for signs of any pest occupation.