5 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Investing In A Diamond Engagement Ring

5 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Investing In A Diamond Engagement Ring

So, you have finally made up your mind to tie the knot with your partner and like most guys, you want there to be an element of surprise. Of course, the main thing to organise is the engagement ring and that will no doubt incorporate diamonds; they are, after all, a girl’s best friend.

Assuming you prefer to have the ring custom made, here are a few pertinent questions you should ask your partner before you talk to a custom jeweller.

What’s Your Favourite Precious Stone?

The chances are she will reply diamonds and if so, expand on the question and discover which stones she prefers aside from diamonds. This will enable you to have a ring made that incorporates another stone alongside the traditional diamond. Fortunately, finding a jeweller that makes custom diamond engagement rings Melbourne or your city trusts isn’t an issue; Google is your best friend and can find the website of a leading custom jeweller who can turn your vision into reality.

How Do You Feel About Platinum?

Most women prefer platinum for the band, as it is durable, however, she might be a rose or yellow gold lover and it is important you know her preferences. You should take note of the jewellery she wears and remark occasionally. Which usually leads to dialogue on jewellery and the more you know about her likes and dislikes, the better.

Would You Like To Design The Engagement Ring Yourself?

Forget the surprise element and invite her to join you when you visit the custom jeweller’s studio. Most women would jump at the chance to design their own engagement ring and once you set a budget, the rest is entirely up to her! There’s a lot to creating an engagement ring; the base metal, the stones, the diamond cut and, of course, the setting. What more could she ask than being able to design her ring from scratch?

How Do You Feel About Spending The Rest Of Your Life With Me?

You might as well come right out and say it. Should there be any fears or doubts, it is better to know now. Besides, it’s nice to have some affirmation that you’re the best thing since sliced bread! It is a good idea to talk about the future, as you may have different views that can be merged.

How Much Money Should We Spend?

The custom jeweller will want to know your budget and if your partner is designing the ring, she needs to know what her limits are. Don’t go overboard and it may surprise you to learn that a customised diamond engagement ring is no more costly than choosing one from a shelf.

If you don’t include her in the design process and she finds this out later, you’ll have a lot to answer for. Do the smart thing and invite your bride-to-be to go with you to a leading custom jeweller.